How to play JetX?

If you want to know how to play JetX this is the right place. This new arcade game is very simple and, in fact, you only have three steps to learn how to play:

Place your bet

Watching the rocket take off

Withdraw your earnings

Pretty simple, don’t you think? But that’s just it, the game is very fast. The player can place one or two bets, wait for the lift-off to begin, and watch the rocket rise. As it rises, the rocket displays the multipliers: the prize is the amount you have wagered times the multiplier when you withdraw the bet. The key is to cash out before the rocket explodes or crashes. If it does, the player loses the game.

Learn how to play jet x?
Learn how to play jet x?

The game sometimes falls into the slot category, but is more of a social multiplayer game with live betting (Aug-Jul).

There are no rigid strategies for Jet x games: the game is a matter of luck and instinct, coupled with analysis of the statistics of the last few rounds (to understand how the rocket is behaving). The secret perhaps lies in the need to avoid greed. The tendency is to let the rocket go up and watch the win multiply, however, if you are too greedy, the rocket may end up exploding and leaving the player at zero.

If the bettor places two bets, he has a double chance of winning in each round: he can draw a safe bet and let the rocket rise some more, in the hope of winning even more money.

How do I play jet x on all my phones?

Jet X also owes its popularity to the fact that it is fully optimized for Android or iOS cell phones. Thus, the user can play anywhere, via his mobile device, without losing the excitement of the game.

The jets game offers some interesting features, such as a live chat, which allows players to chat about the gaming experience; the double bet, which we have already talked about or the automatic bet. In the latter, the player can set the maximum limit of the multiplier, meaning that as soon as the rocket reaches that value, the bet is automatically removed. The automatic bet also allows the player to set the value of the bet, and with each takeoff, the player’s bet is released.

Another interesting feature in jetix is the possibility to play the demo version. The demo versions are great for the player to get a better understanding of how the game works, what the behavior of the rocket is, what other players’ guesses are. This way, without spending any money, the user can learn to master jetx.

As mentioned, the important thing in online gambling is not to be too greedy. It is better to draw more often, even with lower multipliers, than to let the rocket get too high and lose everything. That’s the thrill of the game, isn’t it? Knowing when to stop and draw your bet.

The success factor of jet x lies very much in the fact that it is a game with high potential gains. Note that a bet of 10 usd can generate a gain of 1000 usd, this in a matter of a few seconds playing. However, one must also take into account that since it is a super-fast game, the bettor can lose a lot of money in minutes while playing.

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