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If you are a regular at online casinos, you may have seen the words Jetx game or Aviator game around. Still, if you have never heard of and are not familiar with this new game – a superfast game with low stakes and truly attractive prizes, we have for you the essential information about the rocket game that has revolutionized the industry and is increasingly conquering Brazilian players and beyond.


Get ready, this essential guide will lead you to master the art of Jet X. Being an astronaut is now more possible than ever.

Conquering the moon, Mars, or Saturn is now just a bet (or two) away, in a mini-game as fast as your rocket.

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What is JetX?

Released on the market in January 2019, Smartsoft Gaming’s Jetx rocket game has come to revolutionize the luck and chance gaming industry.

Some consider the game a kind of slot machine, but it is much more than that: jetx is a mini-arcade game, in multiplayer mode and live betting, with multiplier, with a super fast round and high win possibility.

With no elaborate rules, jetx is considered a new game genre, mixing a big dose of luck and a small dose of strategy, in a fun, simple and fast game.

The game, set against a backdrop of sky and stars, has a rocket that is to be launched into space. The rocket launch is accompanied by a multiplier. The higher the rocket goes up, the bigger the multiplier. The prize corresponds to the amount of the bet times the multiplier at the time of withdrawal. But beware: the player must withdraw the bet before the rocket explodes! If the rocket crashes, the player will lose everything (bet and multiplier).


The thrill of the game and its greatest attraction is knowing when to stop. After all, if you don’t cash out in time, you lose everything; if you cash out too early, you win little and watch the rocket continue to rise and generate astronomical multipliers.

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💵 JetX game Minimum stake

0.5 USD

📈 JetX RTP


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JetX SmartSoftGaming

🎮 Alternative game

Aviator, Zeppelin

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📱Devices for playing

Desktop, mobile/smartphone, tablets

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How to play JetX online?

We have already mentioned that the game is very simple and fast. To play jet x online, the player only has to go through three steps:

In two clicks (bet and withdrawal), in milliseconds, the rocket is launched, explodes, and the game restarts. If the player withdraws the bet before the rocket explodes, he receives a prize corresponding to the value of the bet times the multiplier at the time of withdrawal. Otherwise, the player loses the round. Games like jet x are increasingly popular on the Internet.

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Pros and cons of playing JetX

img A new way to play

img Simple and clear rules

img Multi-user interface

img No standard drum

img No need to understand the complicated mechanics of the slot

img No in-game bonuses

img High Risk

img Unusual Rules of the Game

img No classic jackpot

img Not suitable for fans of classic slot machines

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Main rules of JetX

The popularity of the jetx bet game is very much linked to its simplicity, that is, there are no complicated rules or instructions for playing. There may be some strategies, but then we are talking about another subject (which we will cover next).

As for the rules, the game has two simple directions:

  • Place and validate the bet.
  • Withdraw the bet.

These two such basic pointers help explain the speed of the game. A round can last only a few seconds, between the bet, the rocket launch, and the draw.

It is important at this stage to confirm that although many players participate in the game – it is a game with live betting – each of one player’s bets is independent of the other’s bets and do not relate to or interfere with each other.

The game starts when the bets are given as closed and ends when the rocket explodes. From there a new round begins, with bets being placed, bets being closed, and the rocket being launched.

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How to make money with JetX?

Because it is a very fast game, jets allows the player to win a lot of money in a short time. However, the reverse is also true: the player can lose a lot of money in a short time.

Thus, if one wants to make money with jetx betting, the player must be cautious. Ambition can annihilate the chances of winning. It is better for the player to place lower bets and withdraw the bet early, than to place high bets and let the rocket rise too high and explode.


As is obvious, this strategy, although profitable, is less risky and takes your time. The greater the risk, the greater the gain, but also, there are more chances to lose.

Making money at jetx is a matter of luck and intuition: when to withdraw the bet? The player can check the game statistics, to see the trend of the last few rounds, but still, the next round remains an unknown.Another possibility to win money in jetx is to win one of the game’s jackpots.

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The JetX Jackpot

When we talk about Jetix jackpot bets we are referring to three incredible jackpots. They do not appear on every turn and are quite random. They come in three different levels:

  • Planet, on level 1;
  • Galaxy, level 2;
  • Space, at level 3.

Players who draw their bets with low multipliers will never reach any of these levels.

More adventurous bettors, who let the rocket keep going higher, even after the multiplier already matches a high win, can reach any of these levels.

As it flies higher, the rocket can reach level 3 and a super-high jackpot, but you have to master your nerves, not to withdraw the bet on any of the previous levels, which already correspond to attractive jackpots.

The jackpot amount is divided by the players who reach any of the levels with their rockets, before withdrawing the bet.

Jackpot Jet-X

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The bonuses for playing JetX

Jetx betting is presented at online casinos or specialized gaming sites. At base, the game does not have any specific bonuses so that the player can try out the game without making a deposit. Still, the user can use his casino bonuses to play Jet x.


Get ready, this essential guide will lead you to master the art of Jet X. Being an astronaut is now more possible than ever.

The registration bonus obligates the customer to register on the platform and corresponds to a cash amount or a number of free bets. The welcome bonus is usually a first deposit bonus, which doubles the deposit amount and allows the new customer to use the bonus on casino games, including jetx.

Registration bonus example:

When you register on the casino site and validate your account, the player receives a bonus of 10 reals. In other words, the player must fill out the account creation form and validate it. This can be used on Jet x.

Welcome bonus example:

100% up to 100 usd When registering on the casino website and validating his account, the player has then to make a first deposit. The amount of the first deposit will be doubled (100%) in bonuses. In a scenario where the player makes a deposit of 50 usd, he gets another 50 usd (100 x 50) in bonuses

bonus jetX

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JetX free flights: how to get there?

There are also other sites that, in order to promote the jetx game, offer their users a certain number of free flights, through so-called promotional bonuses or coupons. The advantage here is that the player can use the free throws and still manage to make money. Withdrawing that money, on the other hand, will depend on the bonus award requirement and the amount wagered.

Example of free flights:

  1. Bonus: 10 free flights of 1 usd
  2. The player is receiving a bonus of 10 usd
  3. Rollover: 10x
  4. It means that the player will have to play 100 usd (10 x 10) before he can withdraw the funds from his account.
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Play from anywhere: the mobile version

One way to explain Jetx’s popularity is its mobile version. The game is completely optimized to work on cell phones and tablets.

So if you choose to play on a cell phone, the game experience will be exactly the same as on the desktop or mobile site.

The scenario and controls are adapted to the smaller screens. Being a multiplayer game, jetx allows players to exchange impressions and talk about the game via chat. This feature is still present in the mobile version, even though it can make the game difficult to view.

game Jetx

The demo version

Bet jetx, and other similar games, are presented in a demo version. This version allows the player to try out the game as many times as needed and become familiar with the controls, the rocket flight, the explosion and the collection of prizes.

The free version is ideal for beginner players or for players who do not like to play with real money. It is important to note, that a demo version does not award cash prizes. It is released for entertainment purposes only, without regard to the profit factor.

Checking the performance of other players, exchanging ideas with other users in the room, checking the rocket performance and checking the statistics: all this is possible in the demo version (for free!).

demo version

Jetx: One Bet or Two Bets

This is one of the features of the jetx game that the player should take into account. In the lower panel, the player will see two betting fields, that is, he can place only one bet of a certain value and validate, or he can place two bets, of equal value or different value and validate.

The advantage of the double bet? The player can easily withdraw the first bet, when the multiplier is already attractive enough, and take his chances on the second bet, letting the rocket rise some more.

Thus, in the double bet, the player is, in theory, doubling his chances of possible winnings. Still, the flip side of the coin corresponds to a higher loss if he does not withdraw any of the bets before the rocket explodes.

The manual Jetx vs the automatic Jetx

There are two ways to play jetx betting:


Manual: the player sets the bet, lets the rocket go up, and withdraws the bet before the plane explodes;
Automatic: the player sets a multiplier, places his bet, and the rocket begins its ascent. When it reaches the multiplier set by the customer, the bet is automatically withdrawn.

In other words, in manual mode, it is up to the player to decide when to withdraw the bet and in automatic mode, the bet is withdrawn at a certain multiplier. As an advantage, there is no temptation to go a little higher, since the multiplier is preset and the game automatically withdraws the bet, however, the game may never reach that multiplier, especially if it is too high.

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Why is Jetx betting so popular?

There are many criteria to explain the popularity of the game, bet Jetx quickly became the favorite game of some casino players.

The social aspect can explain this phenomenon: being a multiplayer game, it allows users to chat and socialize with each other through online chat. And, even though there are many players in each round, the bets and decisions of one player do not interfere with the bets of the other.

Live betting also helps explain the popularity. The player is betting the moment before the action (the rocket launch) and must, live, withdraw the bet. This concept of live betting seems to attract more players, following the example of casinos with live dealer.


Novelty is another factor in preference. Jetx bet is a new game genre. Not included in any category, from classic slot machines to traditional table games, the novelty factor wins over the most curious players, who will bet on this new game.

Speed and low stakes are other factors that explain the popularity of jetx betting. With low amount bets, making the game accessible to any wallet, and with action centered in seconds, the speed with which everything happens seems to please the most hurried players.

Finally, the mobile optimization explains why jetx bet is so popular. Allowing one to play on desktop or mobile, with the same quality and without blocking at key moments, jetx game always keeps up with the user.

Similar games

Although it is a novelty, SmartSoft is not the only developer to present games within this genre.

The purpose and operation of the games is the same: to withdraw the bet before the object accompanying the multiplier disappears, explodes, or falls. As most popular examples of games similar to jetx betting, we find:

  • Aviator

Launched by Spribe in 2022, Aviator features a plane instead of a rocket. The player must place a bet (single or double), let the plane take off, and withdraw the bet before the device disappears from the screen.

  • Zepellin

BetSolutions has introduced its own version of crash game, with the Zepellin. The basic idea is similar to the ones already presented: the player places his bet(s), the rigid airship starts the climb and displays the multiplier, and the player must collect his bet before the airship crashes.

Me bets JetX

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The Jetx strategies

Now we are talking about strategies. What is the best way to have more luck in this game?

The main secret lies in caution. The player cannot be too ambitious. That’s the magic of the game: knowing when to stop!

More than strategies, there are some tips that the player can use to his advantage to ensure an attractive prize at the end of each round. Just remember that Jet x is a game of intuition and luck, so the advice may not be truly effective in unlucky streaks.

  • Observe other players

“Wasting” a little time watching how other players place their bets and withdraw them can be a good exercise in defining your own strategies. The number of players who withdraw too early or those who take a little more risk does not influence the play of some and others, but it can be revealing of how profitable the game is being played;

  • Play the free version

Whether in online casinos or on dedicated websites, jet x bet is presented in a demo version. Thus, without making a registration or deposit, the player can see how the game works, check the odds and calculate the potential winnings. When placing bets in a free version, watching the rocket take off and drawing the bet – even if the game does not involve real money – helps to understand the purpose of the jet x game;

  • Abuse caution

It is necessary to stop unreasonable ambition: this can lead the player to lose every round of the game.


mobile JetX

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Withdrawal of earnings

It is natural that some players will let the rocket rise and continue to gamble as it reaches high levels and perhaps reach a jackpot level. Still, soon after takeoff, the rocket can explode.

Therefore, withdrawing winnings while it is still possible, even with smaller prizes, is more cautious. Note that once the multiplier exceeds one (1), anything that comes after that is won;

  • Choose the automatic function

By setting a bet limit and a multiplier limit, the game ends for the player when the rocket reaches that set multiplier. This function is particularly useful for players who cannot control “the urge to win more” and risk higher flights, losing everything.

Withdrawal of earnings

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Be careful

But beware, setting a multiplier too high in the automatic function, can correspond to successive losses, if the rocket does not reach that multiplier.

  • Prefer low multipliers

By choosing lower multipliers, the chances of winning are higher. Granted, the prize is of lower value, but it is safer than high multipliers. Thus, you might as well win less and more often than win once a lot, but lose the other rounds.

  • Use the double bet

The fact that you can place two bets in one round is very useful. Thus, the player can draw the first bet with a lower multiplier and let the rocket rise for the second bet. While double betting allows for higher winnings, it can lead to double losses. It will be up to the player to find a balance between these two scenarios.

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Calculate Jetx earnings

The Jetx game prize calculations are as simple as the rules and operation of the game. Nevertheless, we present some practical examples, so you can better visualize the bet amounts and possible prizes in each game.


Example 1
Bet: 10 usd
Multiplier: 2.10
Prize: 21 usd (10 x 2.10)

The multiplier can be set automatically or the bet removed manually upon reaching this multiplier. If the jet plane explodes before this multiplier, the player’s prize is zero.


Example 2
Bet: 10 usd
Multiplier: 22
Prize: 220 usd (10 x 22)

A bet that generates a prize 22 times larger, in a matter of seconds, is indeed tempting.


Example 3
Bet 1: 10 usd
Bet 2: 10 usd
Multiplier: 3
Prize: 60 usd (10 x 3) + (10 x 3)

When placing a double bet, it can be of equal or different value and can be withdrawn at the same time or at different times.


Example 4
Bet 1: 10 usd
Bet 2: 10 usd
Multiplier 1: 3
Multiplier 2: 6
Prize: 90 usd (10 x 3) + (10 x 6)

Obviously, in examples 1 and 2, the player spent 10 reals on each round to play, while in examples 3 and 4, the player had to bet 20 reals on each round, corresponding to 10 reals for each bet.

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How to withdraw Jetx earnings

After a certain number of plays and assuming that the player, who registered at the casino, made a deposit of 10 usd and won 300 usd by playing Jetx, the time has come to withdraw the jet x winnings from his casino account to his bank account.

Thus, the player must perform the following steps:

Although some terms may differ from one casino to another, the basic principle for withdrawing money from a casino site is very similar. We point out that the player needs to prove his identity before making the first withdrawal by sending us a copy of his personal ID.

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As we have seen there are many factors that contribute to the success of jet x in online casinos and specialized sites. The fact that it is a new game, with live betting, super fast and very simple contributes to its popularity with players.

In fact, the player’s role is only to place and withdraw the bet, everything else is a matter of chance. It is true that by using certain strategies, such as automatic mode or double betting, the player can guarantee real money winnings, but it is important not to forget the randomness of the game. Even by consulting the statistics and checking the rocket’s behavior in previous rounds, a new game can be completely different. So much so, that it is impossible to say what the return to player (RTP) of this game is.

The key points are speed – which allows you to win (or lose) a lot of money, and simplicity – the player only has to pay attention to the multiplier. Adrenaline and suspense are guaranteed in jet x.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


Why is JetX so popular?

Jet X’s popularity is associated with many factors, of which the novelty, prizes, bet value, speed, usability, and mobile optimization stand out.


What is the minimum and maximum bet?

Bets on jet x range from a minimum bet of 0.5 USD to a maximum bet of 3,000 USD.


Can I play Jetx for free?

Yes. To play jetx for free you will, in fact, have two possibilities: play demo version, a free version made available by the developer, or play using a bonus or free flights.


Does Jetx have any bonuses or jackpots?

Yes. jet x has three bonuses presented on three different levels: planet, galaxy and space, with the first level corresponding to a lower jackpot and the last one to a higher jackpot. These levels are presented randomly in games whose multiplier is already very high.


What is Jetx RTP?

Return to Player (RTP) is the calculation that stipulates a percentage of winnings as a function of a certain number of games. Now, jet x is so random, with a multiplier of 1 or 1,000, that it is not possible to calculate its RTP.

From the author:

Sudeshna Acharjee